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The tribe of Mannesmann family ranges in Bergisch Land back to Johann Heinrich Mannesmann, born in the year 1750

Since early this century brothers of the family were always an entrepreneur, from the filling fabrication, on trade to exploration of new materials and manufacturing processes.

The brothers made inventions that endure to this day, and without which would not be many areas of industrial production possible.

Feature of all these activities were repeatedly technological visions and their implementation, which were to refer to their time in each case as groundbreaking.


In addition to the still world-renowned seamless tubes, this includes a gas lighting, which provided early 19th century for light in the streets of the economically emerging country.


In Remscheid the production of agricultural machinery, trucks and cars took place. 1920 Mannesmann automotive Werke KG were entered in the commercial register Remscheid.

In the 1914 and 1916, the construction of the historic villa in Bliedinghausen, a modern district of Remscheid falls. This historic building represented the administrative center of the family and is now managing location of Brüder Mannesmann AG.


In 1931, the brothers Alfred and Karl Mannesmann focus on the location of Remscheid and founded on July 14, 1931, the brothers Mannesmann GmbH.

The trading tools began in 1977. At this time, the brothers acquired Schafstein, shares today were Unternehmensverbund.Zunächst Hand Tools and Do it Yourself products imported, later technical articles and power tools were added.


Brüder Mannesmann tools currently offers retailers multiple tool lines.



Currently, the company offers under the direction of Frank Schafstein three tool lines and some 8,000 tool items. In addition to a comprehensive range of hand and power tools, selected for the dedicated home improvement, is the trade the Center Line and Green Line available. The Center Line includes power tools for craftsmen and professionals. The Greenline provides an assortment of high-quality hand tools manufactured according to DIN ISO. The company has import and export partners worldwide.